Advanced Herbalism Course!!

Jul 27, 2013 by

With our grand finale, you can win complete registration for our newest program – the Advanced Herbalism course! Registration for the brand new program is $890. Through August 5th, you can save $100 and register for only $790, but you can enter to win complete registration for FREE!

A little info about the class:

Looking for an advanced herbalism option similar to a “Master Herbalist” course? Look no further! Our Advanced Herbalism program builds upon the Family Herbalist course to dig deeper into the science of botanical medicine. This advanced course of study provides a total of 52 units of study in herbalism, aromatherapy, environmental health, and the science of natural health. In this comprehensive program, you will learn how to evaluate the abundance of claims in the health industry to identify and implement evidence-based measures in your home, how to work through advanced home situations, how to utilize rare and specific botanicals, and how to formulate unique products cusomized for your needs.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Post a comment below for your first entry.

2. On the product page, beneath the price listing, you’ll see several share buttons. Share the resources on your favorite social media sites (facebook, twitter, pinterest) and leave us a comment for each share you provided. This gets you up to three bonus entries!

3. Add one comment for each product you’ve shared on social media tonight. (It’s not too late to go back and share a few from our earlier giveaways for bonus entries!)

Details: The winner will be drawn at 8pm central time. At that time, comments will be closed, but be sure to refresh the page for the next giveaway!

UPDATE: This contest is now over; congrats to Tammy for winning comment #212!!! 

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  1. Cheryl Medlin

    This is so the course I want to take! Lighting candles now!

  2. Nicole S.

    This class looks great!

  3. Christy

    Would love to win this one!

  4. Cassie B

    Soooo want to win this one!

  5. Denise Cusack

    Jumping up and down waving my arms. 😉

  6. Nicole S.

    Pinned it!

  7. Amanda

    Would LOVE to win this!

  8. Jennifer Patterson

    I would LOVE to upgrade to this!!!

  9. Regina Tyndall

    Shared on Facebook!

  10. Yes, thank you!

  11. Alishia Torres

    OMG This is the course I desperately want to take!!!!

  12. Cheryl Medlin

    Pinned this course!

  13. Melanie

    Oh my goodness!!! Amazing!!!

  14. Jennifer

    looks interesting

  15. Ashley Knotts

    Please please please!!!!!! Ooohhhhh I want to learn!!

  16. Tonisha

    um, yes please! would love to win this!

  17. Dawn Henderson

    I so want to win this Class !!!

  18. CrystalB

    Love this as a grand finale!!!

  19. chelsea

    yay! upgrade

  20. Cassie B

    Pinned it on Pinterest

  21. Lydia

    So exciting!

  22. Jennifer Patterson

    Shared on FB

  23. so excited to win! :)

  24. Tara Bianchi

    So exciting :)

  25. Jess Broadway


  26. Jennifer


  27. Mel

    I shared the Natural Approaches to Inflammatory Conditions product this evening.

  28. Pinned to pinterest

  29. Alishia Torres

    I posted to FB!

  30. Nicole S.

    Shared on FB!

  31. Sherry B.

    I would love the opportunity to take this class!!!

  32. Anna

    This would be a great course!

  33. Jennifer Patterson

    Shared on Pinterest

  34. Mel

    Entering to win!

  35. CJ

    One of my goal . . . 😉

  36. Amazing! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  37. Shared on Facebook

  38. Star Kirby

    Amazing!!! Would be ecstatic to win :-)

  39. Hand in the air…pick me, pick me! :-) I’d love to take this course to further my education in wellness. Thanks for offering this wonderful gift!

  40. Alishia Torres

    I tweeted!

  41. Barb McKillip

    I really want to take this class!

  42. Melissa

    Holly Cow! What a great give-away!

  43. Melinda

    oh wow!

  44. Tonisha

    shared on pinterest…

  45. chelsea

    i shared natural approaches to inflammatory conditions

  46. melissa

    awesome giveaway

  47. Jennifer Patterson


  48. Amanda Pusatera *Mandy

    I was soooooo hoping this would be it!!! I’ve been wanting to take a course from you all forever but haven’t been able to swing it yet being a single mommy.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Now I’m off to post!!!!

    Must have as many chances as possible!!!!! 😀

  49. Cassie B

    Just shared this Advanced Herbalism Program on FB!

  50. Mel

    I shared the this program on Facebook. :)

  51. Jess Broadway

    Shared on facebook!

  52. Alishia Torres

    I pinned to Pinterest!

  53. Shelli Villanueva

    Would love to win this to upgrade from FH course!

  54. April Emery

    I would love to win!

  55. Tara Bianchi

    Shared on FB!

  56. Bethany Carpenter

    This would make my dream come true. Have enjoyed the Facebook party. Thank you.

  57. Samantha Leach


  58. Glenda

    What an awesome giveaway to win!!

  59. Christy B.

    Shared on Facebook :)

  60. Julie


  61. Star Kirby

    I shared Natural Approaches to Inflammatory Conditions

  62. Lydia


  63. chelsea

    shared botanical medicine

  64. Lin K

    What a wonderful thing for you to do – thanks, Jessie.

  65. Would love to win this!

  66. Cheryl Medlin

    I shared this on FB!

  67. This is amazing….what a great giveaway. Would love to win!

  68. facebooked it!

  69. melissa


  70. Tara Bianchi

    Pinned on pintrest too!

  71. Sarah Vickers

    Prayer said and fingers crossed!

  72. Rachel

    Shared on Pinterest!!

  73. chelsea

    shared antibacterial EO class

  74. Pam

    This would be fantastic!

  75. Sherry B.

    Shared on FB

  76. Jennifer Patterson

    i have shared on botantical medicine maker

  77. Ashley P.

    I would really love to win this! Finishing up the FH course and looking for the next program!

  78. Melissa

    Shared on FB!

  79. Jenni W

    Great giveaway

  80. Jennifer


  81. Kris

    To win this would be a dream come true !!!! Been trying to save up money for tuition to take another course and winning this would be perfect !!!! Am sharing this on my FB page. :)

  82. Jess Broadway

    Pinned! Please, please!!! This would be amazing!

  83. Lydia

    I shared Natural Approaches to Inflammatory Conditions

  84. Melanie

    Shared on FB! I can’t believe this is a giveaway!!! 😀

  85. Nicole Hale

    I’ve wanted this course for a long time!

  86. Deborah Henning

    Winning this course would be a dream come true!

  87. Samantha Leach

    Shared this on facebook

  88. Tonisha

    and tweeted…

  89. CHeryl Medlin

    I tweeted this one!

  90. melissa


  91. chelsea

    shared botantical medicine maker

  92. Barb McKillip


  93. Amanda *Mandy Pusatera

    Posted to Facebook!!!!!

  94. Cassie B

    Even tweeted this one:)

  95. Would be a great course, alot of studying on my part, but so worth it.
    Thank You for such a great FB party; my first.
    Sharing on FB.

  96. Jenny Mueller


  97. Jennifer Patterson

    I have shared on Antibacterial EO’s

  98. Amy Berger

    Oh my . . . what a fabulous giveaway! Congrats to whoever wins! (Crossing fingers it will be me, though :))

  99. Rachel

    Shared on Facebook!!

  100. Tammy Maddox

    Oh my Im so excited!!

  101. Megan

    I would love to win this!

  102. Melanie


  103. Angie P

    This would be amazing to win!

  104. Tonya

    Winning this would be an answer to prayer!!!!!

  105. Sarah Vickers

    Shared on FB

  106. Cheryl Medlin

    I pinned Botanicals for Facial Care

  107. melissa

    shared on facebook

  108. Melinda


  109. Tonisha

    and lastley, facebook-ed it! yep.

  110. Deb

    I know more than one person that would love to get this class if I won it.

  111. Laura Gillen
  112. Denise Cusack

    And pinned to Pinterest.

  113. Angie P

    I pinned it!

  114. Amanda

    Shared on Facebook!

  115. Karen W.

    This would be a prayer come true! <3

  116. Star Kirby

    I shared Botanical Medicine Maker tonight :-)

  117. Name (Required)


  118. Sherry B.


  119. Shannon

    Hope, Hope, Hope

  120. Cheryl Medlin

    I shared on FB Botanicals for Facial Care

  121. Lin K

    Posted on FB.

  122. Ashley P.

    Pinned the Advanced Herbalism Course!

  123. Samantha Leach

    tweeted this course!

  124. Laura Gillen

    Shared on FB!!!

  125. Amy Berger

    FB’d it

  126. Emily A.


  127. Angie P

    I tweeted about it!!

  128. pinned it too!

  129. Melinda

    shared on facebook

  130. kim

    This is just way too awesome!

  131. Cheryl Medlin

    I tweeted Botanicals for Facial Care

  132. Erica w

    I’d love to win!

  133. Jennifer

    shared on FB

  134. Courtney Peters

    I would love to win this! I also pinned and shared on Facebook.

  135. Shannon


  136. Pam

    Shared on FB. Hope I win.

  137. Deb

    Shared on facebook.

  138. Samantha Leach

    pinned this course!

  139. Barb McKillip

    Shared on facebook!

  140. Nicole Hale

    Shared on FaceBook!

  141. Shannon

    on fb

  142. Ashley P.

    Pinned Natural Approaches to Inflammatory Conditions

  143. dilli

    this would be a dream come true..

  144. Melanie

    Shared via email! woot woot!

  145. Angela Cribb

    What a nice giveaway!

  146. Cheryl Medlin

    I pinned Natural Approaches to Inflammatory Conditions

  147. chelsea

    shared botantical facial care

  148. CJ

    I pinned this

  149. kim

    Pinned this course to pinterest

  150. Tara Bianchi

    Comment – shared Antibacterial Essential oils class

  151. Cheryl Medlin

    I tweeted Natural Approaches to Inflammatory Conditions

  152. CrystalB


  153. Amanda *Mandy Pusatera

    Pinned to Pinterest!!!!!!!!


  154. Tonya


  155. Mckala


  156. Christine

    Oh, my!

  157. Rachel

    Shared The Herbalism Course on FB and Pinterest!

  158. Pamp

    Pinned it on Pintrest

  159. Star Kirby

    I shared Antibacterial Eo’s tonight!

  160. I’d love to do this program with my wife! We’ve been working thought the herbalism course book and loving it.

  161. Ashley P.

    Pinned Antibacterial Essential Oils

  162. Shared on FB

  163. Sarah Vickers


  164. Deb

    Shared Natural Approaches for Inflammatory Conditions on Facebook.

  165. Megan J

    This is amazing I would love to win!!

  166. Cassie B

    Shared the Aromatherapy course on Pinterest tonight!

  167. chelsea

    shared advanced herbalism on facebook

  168. Share on all three. Love this product

  169. CJ

    And I emailed this to a couple friends :)

  170. Cheryl Medlin

    I shared on FB Natural Approaches to Inflammatory Conditions

  171. Tracy Ann

    Please sign me up!

  172. Mae Smith

    Pick me :-)

  173. I pinned it!

  174. Christine

    Pinned it!

  175. kim

    Shared this course to facebook

  176. Lin K

    Pinned it!

  177. CrystalB

    shared on FB! :)

  178. Christie

    I would love this!

  179. Tonya

    shared on FB

  180. Tara Bianchi

    Shared Botanical Medicine Maker Class

  181. Christy

    Shared on Pinterest!

  182. Star Kirby

    I shared Botanical Facial Care tonight!

  183. chelsea

    shared advanced herbalism on twitter

  184. Rachel

    Shared The Aromatherapy Course on FB and Pinterest!

  185. Courtney Peters


  186. Cheryl Medlin

    I pinned Botanical Medicine Maker

  187. I shared on FB

  188. Nicole Hale

    Shared on Twitter

  189. Stacy Frost

    SHARED!!!!!!! YEA!!!!

  190. Ashley P.

    Pinned Botanical Medicine Maker

  191. Erica w

    Shared on fb!

  192. Deb

    Shared Anti-bacterial essential oils on facebook.

  193. i would love to win this!

  194. Cassie B

    Shared The Herbalism Course on media earlier tonight!

  195. Tammy Maddox

    I face booked this!! Hoping to win!

  196. chelsea

    shared advanced herbalism on pintrest

  197. Christine

    posted to FB

  198. Cheryl Medlin

    I tweeted Botanical Medicine Maker

  199. Samantha Leach

    tweeted botanical medicine maker course

  200. Lynn

    I need this!

  201. Laura Gillen

    Please,pick me:)

  202. Courtney Peters

    Shared on FB

  203. Rachel

    Shared Botanicals for Facial Care on FB and Pinterest!

  204. Cheryl Medlin

    I shared on FB Botanical Medicine Maker

  205. Megan J

    Shared on Twitter!

  206. Tammy Maddox

    I pinned this. Praying to win :)

  207. Katie Adams

    I would love to win this for my family!

  208. Star Kirby

    I shared the Advanced Herbalism program tonight :-)

  209. Lynn


  210. Angela Cribb


  211. Megan J

    Pinned it!!

  212. Cassie B

    Shared Botanical Face Care on Pinterest tonight.

  213. Rachel

    Shared Botanical Medicine Maker on FB and Pinterest!

  214. Samantha Leach

    tweeted the aromatherapy course!

  215. chelsea

    shared 1st giveaway– aromatheraphy and the herbalism course

  216. Cheryl Medlin

    I pinned Antibacterial Essential Oils

  217. Christy

    Shared Family Herbalist Course on Pinterest

  218. Angela Cribb

    Shared on Facebook

  219. winning this will help me share this knowledge with more people, sharing on fb with all my friends!

  220. Kim

    Pinned the Botanical Medicine Marker

  221. Ashley P.

    Shared about the Advanced Herbalism program on FB.

  222. Cheryl Medlin

    I tweeted Antibacterial Essential Oils

  223. Cassie B

    Shared Botanical Medicine Maker on Pinterest too!

  224. Karen W.

    Shared on Facebook!

  225. Megan J

    Shared this awesome course on facebook!!

  226. Tamara Ramsey

    Would live to take this course! Thanks

  227. Samantha Leach

    tweeted the herbalism course

  228. Tracy Ann


  229. Rachel

    Shared Antibacterial Essential Oils on FB and Pinterest!

  230. Posted to twitter!

    And that’s my max! But if u would let me I’d keep entering until u gave it away!!!!!


    Ps. I NEVER enter contests like this but this is far too cool to pass up!

  231. Amy Berger

    Pinned it!

  232. Cheryl Medlin

    I shared on FB Antibacterial Essential Oils

  233. Star Kirby

    I Shared Advanced Herbalism Program on Twitter!

  234. Nicole Hale

    Pinned on Pinterest!

  235. Deb

    Shared Botanical Medicine Maker on facebook.

  236. Christy

    Pinned Pharmacology of Food on Pinterest!

  237. Shannon

    pinned inflamatory conditions

  238. Karen W.

    …and shared on Pintrest!

  239. Cassie B

    Shared Antibacterial Essential Oils on Pinterest.

  240. Shannon

    FB inflammatory conditions

  241. Kim

    Shared the Botanical Medicine Marker on Facebook

  242. Pam

    shared the advanced herbalism course

  243. Abby C.

    Wow! Amazing grand finale!

  244. Lynn


  245. Shannon

    pinned essential oils

  246. Rachel

    Shared Natural Approaches to Inflammatory Conditions on FB and Pinterest!

  247. Star Kirby

    I shared Advanced Herbalism Program on fb tonight!

  248. Sarah Vickers

    I shared Antibacterial Essential Oils

  249. Megan J

    Tonight I shared Natural Approaches to Inflammatory Conditions on twitter and I pinned it!

  250. Tracy Ann

    Fb share

  251. Jenny Mueller

    Shared the Antibacterial essential oils class

  252. Christy

    Pinned the Holistic Wellness Course on Pinterest!

  253. Shannon

    fb essential oils

  254. Abby C.

    Shared Advanced Herbalism on FB

  255. Erin

    Would absolutely love to win.

  256. Samantha Leach

    pinned botanical medicine maker course

  257. Sarah Vickers

    I shared Botanicals for Face Care

  258. Alishia Torres

    Shared Antibacterial Essential Oils on Pinterest.

  259. Shannon

    pinned botanical medicine maker

  260. Cassie B

    I also pinned Natural Approaches to Inflammatory Conditions:)

  261. Pam

    shared natural approaches to inflammatory conditions

  262. Melanie

    Figuring out how to share through my Linkedin account :)

  263. Alishia Torres

    Shared Antibacterial Essential Oils on FB

  264. Shannon

    fb botanical medicine maker

  265. Kelly

    If we haven’t taken FH yet, would this prize be able to wait until we finish that?

  266. Jenny Mueller


  267. Alishia Torres

    Tweeted Antibacterial Essential Oils

  268. Sarah Vickers

    I shared The Herbalism Course

  269. Oh I hope I win this one!

  270. friends are seeing the posts on facebook and asking how they can help me win, i say keep your fingers crossed!
    sharing with more fb friends!

  271. kim

    Pinned the Botanical Facial Care class

  272. Samantha Leach

    shared botanical medicine maker on facebook

  273. Shannon

    pinned facial care

  274. Pam

    shared the antibacterial essential oils course

  275. Alishia Torres

    Shared Herbalism on FB

  276. Christy

    I pinned Foundations of Aromatherapy on Pinterest

  277. Shannon

    fb facial care

  278. Alishia Torres

    Shared Herbalism on Pinterest

  279. Shared the Advanced Herbalism Program on Facebook!

  280. Sarah Vickers

    I shared the Natural Approach to Inflammatory Conditions course.

  281. Courtney Peters

    Pinned Antibacterial Essial oils

  282. Abby C.


  283. Deb

    Shared Botanical Facial Care on facebook.

  284. Mary Hawkins

    A wonderful sounding course.

  285. Shannon coe


  286. Melanie

    Shared Natural Approaches to Inflammatory Conditions

  287. Jenny Mueller

    Shared the advanced herbalism course on fb.

  288. Janet Elsea

    I have tried all evening to “get with the program” and finally get here 5 minutes til the end!!! Hoping and praying to win!!! Would really like to take this course :)

  289. Pam

    shared botanicals for facial care

  290. Shared the Advanced herbalism program on Pinterest!

  291. Sarah Vickers

    I shared Botanical Medicine Maker

  292. Praying I get this!!! I also pinned and FB’d it. Thanks for the chance!

  293. Alishia Torres

    Shared aromatherepy on Pinterest

  294. kim

    Shared botanical facial care class on facebook

  295. Melanie

    Shared Antibacterial Essential Oils

  296. Rachel

    Shared the Advanced Herbalism Program on FB and Pinterest!

  297. Pam

    shared the aromatherapy course

  298. Pinned on my giveaways board.

  299. Courtney Peters

    Pinned natural approaches to inflammatory conditions

  300. Abby C.

    shared the Botanical Facial Care on FB

  301. Alishia Torres

    Shared aromatherepy on FB

  302. Sarah Vickers

    I shared The Aromatherapy Course

  303. Melanie

    Shared Botanical Facial Care

  304. Suzanne Ruckman

    This would be such a blessing!

  305. Christy

    Pinned Natural Wellness Program on pinterest!

  306. Alishia Torres

    Shared botanical facial care class on facebook

  307. Mary Hawkins

    Could I please win this one???

  308. Cammie G

    Would love to do this after Family Herbalist!

  309. Melanie

    Shared Botanical Medicine Maker too! :)

  310. Pam

    shared the herbalism course. Thanks for all the great prizes.

  311. Alishia Torres

    Shared botanical facial care class on Twitter

  312. Maggi Davison

    I braved the rain to use a friend’s computer to enter this finale, since I was unable to leave comments from my phone.
    This would be a wonderful course for me to complete to keep my mind and skills active as I care for my mother during her end of life journey.

  313. kim

    Pinned aromatherapy course on pinterest

  314. Megan J

    I told everyone about the Antibacterial Essential Oils program tonight!!

  315. Courtney Peters

    Pinned Botanical Medicine Maker

  316. Christal F


  317. Alishia Torres

    Shared botanical facial care class on Pinterest

  318. Jenny mueller

    Shared the course on treating inflammatory conditions on fb.

  319. Kayla H.

    Wow, this would be amazing!

  320. Abby C.

    Shared Botanical Medicine Maker on FB

  321. Christy

    Pinned Foundations of Herbalism on pinterest!

  322. Alishia Torres

    Natural Approaches to Inflammatory Conditions on FB

  323. Alishia Torres

    Natural Approaches to Inflammatory Conditions on twitter

  324. Courtney Peters

    Shared Natural approaches to inflammatory conditions on FB

  325. kim

    Aromatherapy on facebook!

  326. Abby C.

    Shared Antibacterial Essential Oil course on FB

  327. Alishia Torres

    Natural Approaches to Inflammatory Conditions on pinterest

  328. Kayla H.


  329. Christal F

    shared on fb

  330. Melanie

    Shared all of the Interactive Classes and Giveaways on all of my social networks! :)

  331. Alishia Torres

    Botanical Medicine Maker on facebook

  332. Alishia Torres

    Botanical Medicine Maker on twitter

  333. Amber Kirkpatrick

    I want!

  334. Would ABSOLUTELY love to do the Advanced Herbalism Course! Have been trying to figure out which one to do, and budget it in for about a year now. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  335. Liana

    i would like to win this as I am just starting the family herbalist course now.

  336. Alishia Torres

    Botanical Medicine Maker on pinterest

  337. Courtney Peters

    Shared Antibacterial essential oils on FB

  338. kim

    Herbalism on facebook

  339. Jenny

    I’m already a student, but this would be an incredible gift to give away indeed. Will share. :)

  340. Megan

    Pinned it.

  341. One Southern Girl

    Oh, I’d love this!

  342. Courtney Peters

    Shared botanical medicine maker on FB

  343. Megan

    Shared on Facebook.

  344. kim

    Herbalism on facebook

  345. StephanieChafin


  346. Katrina Lovelady

    Please oh please! I would LOVE this!

  347. Kathleen L

    Whoa! How neat! Thank you for the chance!

  348. Bettyann

    Please please please

  349. Annabelle

    Love this!

  350. Maggi Davison

    shared on FB

  351. Stephanie S.

    Oh. This would be so awesome!

  352. Bettyann


  353. Jamie H.

    I would absolutely love to win this!!! I’ve been wanting to take herbalism courses for a few years now but just haven’t been able to come up with the cash to get started.

  354. Katrina Lovelady

    Shared on Facebook!

  355. Amanda Mathis

    Yes Please

  356. Christina

    Would love to win this!

  357. Tiffany

    Love this

  358. Jamie H.

    Shared on Facebook :)

  359. Heather Valera

    I want this bad!!

  360. Heather Valera

    Shared on Facebook!

  361. Heather Valera

    Shared on Pinterest!

  362. Christina

    Pinned on Pinterest Aromatherapy course

  363. Naomi

    This would be the ultimate!

  364. Lynn Hufsmith

    I would love to win this course!! Sharing!

  365. Garnet Crandall

    Been using herbs all my life…might be nice to get the “formal” education…..

  366. Dana Phillips

    My daughter took one of your courses last year and loved it. We plan on signing up for another one starting this fall.

  367. Dana Phillips

    I shared on Facebook.

  368. Dana Phillips

    I pinned this on pinterest.

  369. Amelia Kingsley

    Vintage Remedies has helped me and my family sooo much! Would love to take this course!

  370. I would love to take this course, thank you for the chance.

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