Essential Oil Giveaway

The prize: This giveaway was provided by J&M Botanicals. The lucky winner will take home full sized bottles of 5 organic essential oils including tea tree, lavender, peppermint, tangerine, and lemon eucalyptus. Total prize pack worth $97.

How to enter: You get your first entry just by leaving a comment below telling us why you want to win!

You can get additional entries by sharing any of the items in this prize pack on your favorite social media network. You can find quick buttons for pinterest, facebook, and twitter by clicking on the book title above and clicking on the appropriate button to the right of the image. Leave a comment below for each share.

You can also earn an entry by posting another comment telling us which EO in this list is your favorite and/or which EO in this list you’ve never tried before.

Details: The winner will be randomly selected at 7:200pm (central time) tonight. We will post the winner’s first name on facebook and email you this weekend for shipping info.


UPDATE: This giveaway is over. Congrats to Barrett for winning comment #27!! We will contact you via email for your shipping info.


  1. Oh, this would be lovely! I would use these once I learned how from the aromatherapy course.

  2. Kathy Phillips

    I so want tangerine

  3. The Tea Tree oil would be a great addition to my cloth diapering routine, and I’d love to learn more about the other oils!

  4. Please oh please… Lemon eucalyptus !!!

  5. Oh! I’d would love to try making some natural scents with some of these!

  6. I want to win this because I use essential oils all the time – and this would come in handy!

  7. Barrett Russell

    I REALLY want to win this! I would like to know what it is like to use high quality organic EOs!

  8. I would absolutely LOVE to win this!!! Some of my faves are in this group.

  9. Kellie Wiggins

    Wow! These would be great to use!

  10. Stacy Zimmerman

    I Love Peppermint!!!

  11. Oh, this would be wonderful!

  12. Melissa Siemers

    This is the best prize yet!

  13. Jaime Bartholomew

    I would love to try these e.o.’s!

  14. ZoAnn Reinmuth

    Yes please!

  15. Love essential oils and haven’t yet tried yours! Would love to win these!!

  16. I love J&M Botanicals essential oils. They smell so fresh and pure! I’d love to add this set to the oils I already have.

  17. I love these scents.

  18. Brittany Howell

    I love using essential oils for every ailment so I would love some more!

  19. I love adding new oils to my collection :-)

  20. Because I would love to try them!

  21. Rachel Verstraete

    EO are a great way to add to your natural 1st aid kit as well as natural cleaning supplies!

  22. I would love to win this because I love using the EOs here at home.

  23. Melissa Siemers

    I’ve never tried Tea Tree Oil

  24. Would LOVE to win this!! I’ve been looking for good quality, organic oils!

  25. Shannon Gieseke

    LOVE IT! I’d love to have these

  26. Barrett Russell

    I would love to try your peppermint oil! I want to know what your excellent quality oils are like and peppermint is the EO i seem to be using most often.

  27. I do not have any of your essential oils yet. I would love to try them. I am especially interested in Lemon Ecualyptus because I’d like to make the four the Four Thieves blend!

  28. Oh, I have never tried Tangerine before! i love essential oils. I don’t know enough about them yet.

  29. Carmen Blankenship

    Oh, this would be so delightful to have! I love the essential oils I have, but I’d love to try some new ones!!

  30. Oooo! this would be awesome to win:)

  31. OOOOO!! Love Essential Oils.. Would love to try the JM Botanicals brand!

  32. Would love these high quality essential oils. Babystepped into aromatherapy, but haven’t gotten to use any from J & M Botanicals yet!

  33. my favorite is lavender…use it in my bath all the time!

  34. I’ve never tried the lemon eucalyptus – only ‘plain’ eucalyptus – I’d love to have both!

  35. LOVE J&M Botanicals Oils!!!! I NEED THESE!!!

  36. I’ve never tried Tangerine, but it sounds LOVELY!

  37. Pinned the peppermint on Pinterest!

  38. Brittany Howell

    I have never heard of lemon eucalyptus so I would love to try that one!

  39. Just pinned it!

  40. Shared on FB!

  41. My favorite in that list would have to be lavender. I love the smell and it can be used for a lot of different things.

  42. I would love to win this. I use essential oils daily.

  43. Rachel Colberg

    I will be coming up to the aromatherapy section in the Clinical Master Herbalist course and these would be great to work with and learn their benefits at the same time

  44. I’d love this prize, because I don’t have enough essential oils. Also, I’ve never used J&M’s products before, so this would be a nice intro.

  45. Megan Johnson

    I would love these!!

  46. I am new to using oils so this would be a fantastic addition to our house! Thank you!

  47. Carmen Blankenship

    Pinned J&M Botanicals to Pinterest!

  48. These sound amazing. I love that they are organic!

  49. Melissa Siemers

    I shared Tea Tree oil on FB

  50. Rachel Colberg

    II have never tried the tangerine

  51. Shared Lavender on FB.

  52. I have been reading so much lately about essential oils and their benefits. I would truly love to try these. Thank you !

  53. I would love to try these and compare them to my current favorite brand

  54. I have been looking for some oils that I can trust would be helpful not harmful for my wonderful family. This would be such a blessing :)

  55. shanika hewitt

    I have recently gotten into essential oils and love them!!! Would like to win more.

  56. Love essential oils!

  57. Just started using EOS. Love em! Interested in trying some more/different brands.

  58. I would love to win this set of oils!

  59. I want to win it because I love essential oils!

  60. Lavender is my favorite EO

  61. I’ve never used tangerine or lemon eucalyptus before. I’d have to look up how they’d be used, LOL!

  62. I have not tried tea tree oil because I havent bought any yet.

  63. Amazing collection! Would love to win this!

  64. I don’t have an EO and this would be a great set to start!

  65. I’ve tried tea tree and lavender. Tangerine and lemon eucalyptus sound like a winner!

  66. Melissa Siemers

    I tweeted the Tea Tree Oil

  67. I’ve never tried Tangerine or lemon eucalyptus!

  68. I’ve been using essential oils a lot more in our home recently and would love to try the J&M ones!

  69. would LOVE these as a new mama!

  70. I love using lavender in natural cleaners. I’d love to try some of the other oils too!

  71. ZoAnn Reinmuth

    I have never tried tangerine or lemon euchalyptus!

  72. Wow! 5 oils!

  73. Kelly Bellamy

    Lavender is my go-to oil.

  74. Is there anything these basic eos CAN’T be used for! I love them all for wellness and cleaning :-)

  75. Lavender is my favorite. It’s so versatile.

  76. Megan Johnson

    I have never tried the Tangerine before…I bet it smells amazing!

  77. Lavender!! Love it :)

  78. I love using essential oils and would love to try these.

  79. yes, EO’s

  80. Shared lavender EO on FB

  81. Hi! Pinned tea tree EO on Pinterest!

  82. Mandy Mayberry

    I would love to win these. I could make some beautiful things with them :)

  83. I would love using these. The tangerine sounds yummy!

  84. Melissa Siemers

    I pinned Tea Tree oil on Pinterest

  85. I only have a few EOs so winning this prize would give me more to work with.

  86. Shared Peppermint on FB.

  87. I love essential oils and am in need of replenishing my supply.

  88. Kelli Ehrhard

    Would love to try out your EOs since I’ve heard about the great quality.

  89. shanika hewitt

    I’ve never tried the lemon eucalyptus…interested in trying that one.

  90. shared on fb

  91. Wow! I can smell them already!

  92. I’ve been trying to learn about EO but have only started on tea tree oil. Would love this.

  93. Pinned it!

  94. Shared on Google+

  95. Megan Johnson

    Tea tree is my favorite. There is so much you can do with it!

  96. I already use essential oils for my family, but am excited to learn more!

  97. Pinned lavender EO on Pinterest

  98. Would love to win these. I love to use them for natural cleaning and air freshening.

  99. Monica Plumley

    The fun I would have!

  100. I am just starting to use essential oils and winning this would be great!

  101. Shared about the giveaway via FB.

  102. Amanda Moomey

    I would love some orange… it always make me smile!

  103. Also shared on facebook.

  104. I have never used tangerine essential oil. Seems like it would be very cheery this time of year.

  105. Shared on Twitter!

  106. ZoAnn Reinmuth

    Tweet, tweet…

  107. Pinned Lavender EO on Pinterest!

  108. I would love to try lavender. It’s one of my fav smells. :)

  109. I would love to win because there are supposed to be so many great things you can do with essential oils, but I’m on a tight budget and haven’t been able to try.

  110. Id love to incorporate into my own family and pts

  111. These would all be a wonderful addition toy collection!

  112. Mandy Mayberry

    pinned tea tree

  113. My all time fav is of’course lavender. Never used lemon eucalyptus or tangerine.

  114. I have never tried tangerine before. Lemon eucalyptus sounds heavenly!

  115. Melissa Siemers

    I shared the Peppermint Oil on FB

  116. Posted Lavender to FB

  117. These 5 are all wonderful oils – lavender has so many wonderful uses, but I especially like it to calm little ones. I use a lot of peppermint in the summertime to keep ants out of the kitchen.

  118. Tea Tree oil in my favorite great for so many things, burns, bites, stuffy head, scrapes, …

  119. shared to facebook and pinterest

  120. Pinned this!

  121. Lavender is my favorite because as a mother of 7 I can use all the relaxation I can get ;)

  122. Pinned Peppermint EO on Pinterest!

  123. I shared tea tree oil on facebook

  124. Mandy Mayberry

    pinned lavender

  125. Melissa Siemers

    I tweeted the Peppermint Oil

  126. Heather Davis

    Posted on Facebook!

    Awesome set! WOW!

  127. I haven’t tried lemon eucalyptus-sounds like it would be great to open airways!

  128. Shared Tea Tree oil on FB

  129. share peppermint on fb

  130. Pinned the Tangerine Oil!

  131. I have never tried tangerine

  132. ZoAnn Reinmuth

    pinned lavendar EO

  133. I would be so very honored to win these oils! We are huge fans of essential oils and use them for everything, from DIY cleaning and laundry products and homemade beauty products – all yummier with oils. We use them medicinally, for sunburns and SO much more, plus around the house to make it smell nice. Tangerine would remind me of home, CA in the midst of an ice storm in Tennessee! Winning would be such a blessing – we are on a tight budget! Thank you for the opportunity!

  134. Pinterest – products i love!

  135. Mandy Mayberry

    Pinned peppermint

  136. Heather Davis

    Id LOVE to win this set, and learn how to use them for my family :)

  137. I would LOVE to win these because I believe in the power of essential oils and their healing Properties! Also to clean the home as opposed to using harsh chemicals, I would make lotions, toothpaste, shampoo’s and other personal items.It would be an honor to be the recipient of this healthy organic giveaway! Peace & Love!

  138. What an awesome giveaway! We’d love to have this collection of essential oils to add to our apothecary cabinet! It includes some of our favorites!

  139. This would be great to try I have not tried a couple of those essential oil. I can smell them already

  140. Would love this! Just starting using oils and want to use others to learn benefits of them all.

  141. Out of all those lavender is my favorite, because of its smell mostly, but also its cleansing properties :)

  142. Pinned Tangerine EO on Pinterest!

  143. Mandy Mayberry

    Pinned tangerine

  144. Shared Lemon Eucalyptus on FB

  145. shared lavendar on fb

  146. I shared the lavender oil on facebook

  147. I LOVE essential oils, but cannot usually afford them. Hope to win :)

  148. Love me some essential oils. Would love to try another brand

  149. OH this would be so cool! I just ran out of 3 of them !

  150. I am hoping to take one of the courses this summer and am already receiving the 8 Weeks of Aromatherapy emails. So excited!

  151. I shared the peppermint on facebook

  152. Mandy Mayberry

    pinned lemon eucalyptus. Really excited about that one~!

  153. Heather Davis

    Pinned on Pinterest!

    Love love love

  154. Melissa Siemers

    I pinned the Peppermint EO on Pinterest

  155. I would like to win to try some new and good quality essential oils. Thank you for making this offer.

  156. LOVE the lavender! Actually, getting ready to soak in a lavendar bath to ease the pain/swelling from recently diagnosed RA (rheumatoid arthritis).:)

  157. Our favorite would be a toss up between lavender and peppermint…we use those two for everything! We’ve never used tangerine, though…would love to try it!

  158. Share on fb

  159. I love peppermint oil for hot flashes.

  160. Pinned it on Pinterest = the whole set of oils! Wow – it would answer such a HUGE NEED to win this set! Thank you!

  161. Shared Peppermint on FB

  162. Erika Altamirano

    I would LOOOOVE to win, because I am just learning about essential oils, and just started using them in soap. I need to learn more! Thanks!

  163. Pinned Lemon Eucalyptus EO on Pinterest :)

  164. I’ve never tried lemon eucalyptus. What does it help with?

  165. Pinned on pinterest

  166. Shared on FB

  167. Barbara Marlow

    I love essential oils for health and beauty recipes as well as cleaning and would love to win this!

  168. This would be a dream to win this! Especially with the Lavender in this wonderful grouping!

  169. Would love to win these to add to my EO stash!

  170. Tweeted

  171. Lavender is my favorite, but I would really love to try Lemon Eucalyptus.

  172. Melissa Siemers

    I tweeted Tangerine EO

  173. I’d love to try this set & share with friends how much I enjoy it!

  174. Love our essential oils!! Especially as perfume!!!

  175. Pinned it!

  176. I’d love to win this!!! What a great giveaway!

  177. I shared lemon eucalyptus on facebook

  178. I love using essential oils and am always amazed at the new ways I discover to use them!! I would love to win.

  179. Pinned peppermint oil

  180. Since I struggle with insomnia, I’d love the lavender the most!

  181. I’ve never tried Tangerine!

  182. I’ve never tried tangerine oil! But love tea tree!

  183. Melissa Siemers

    I shared Tangerine EO on FB

  184. Pinned tea tree oil

  185. Carina Lockwood

    I’d love these! I know at least 2 of them would help with my morning sickness. :)

  186. Shared the tea tree on facebook!

  187. Melissa Siemers

    I pinned Tangerine EO on Pinterest

  188. Shared tangerine oil on FB

  189. Who doesn’t need to add to their essential oil collection?! Hope to win!! :)

  190. I shared tangerine on facebook

  191. Amanda Moomey

    Shared on Facebook

  192. Pinned the tea tree to pinterest!

  193. I just started making candles and I am looking for high quality essential oils to replace traditional fragrance oils to increase the benefits of the candle. This would be a great way to try a brand of EO’s that I have never heard of… Thanks for that introduction!

    ~Richard Merrill

  194. Barbara Marlow

    I shared the oil giveaway on Facebook (Barbara Jo M)

  195. I make soap, lip balm, lotions and creams. I’ve wanted to try J&M Botanicals for my products.

  196. I love lavendar, use it all throughout the house. Tangerine is the only one I’m unfamiliar with.

  197. Shared lavendar eo on FB

  198. Amanda Moomey

    Shared on Pinterest

  199. Megan Johnson

    I shared this on Pintrest!

  200. I haven’t ever tried tangerine EO, but it sounds wonderful! Loved the project suggested on that page too.

  201. I have never tried Lemon Eucalyptus but I think that would make an incredible salve scent!

  202. Facebooked

  203. I pinned!

  204. I pinned the lemon eucalyptus

  205. Kelli Ehrhard

    Pinned it :)

  206. Marcy Vincent

    Would love these

  207. Shared on Facebook.

  208. I shared the Lemon Eucalyptus on my FB page :)

  209. ZoAnn Reinmuth

    Shared on FB too.

  210. Facebooked

  211. Amanda Moomey

    Shared on Twitter

  212. Melissa Siemers

    I shared the Lemon Eucalyptus on FB

  213. I would live to try all if these oil for medicinal purposes instead if drugs. I’ve never tried any of this companies eo’s. would love a new experience in this company.

  214. Carina Lockwood

    Shared on FB!

  215. Tweeted!

  216. Shared on facebook

  217. Melissa Siemers

    I tweeted the Lemon Eucalyptus EO

  218. Lauren George

    As a student of the Family Herbalist course I would love to start a collection of essential oils with these great gifts. Fingers crossed!

  219. Carina Lockwood

    I’d love to try the peppermint for my morning sickness. :)

  220. Wonderful prize, honor to use. Definitely need to improve upon in this area of our wellness quest.

  221. Shared on Pinterest, too.

  222. Melissa Siemers

    I pinned Lemon Eucalyptus EO on Pinterest

  223. I would LOVE to begin using essential oils!

  224. Shared on facebook!

  225. Barbara Marlow

    I shared on Twitter (@minijunkie)

  226. I pinned the Tangerine Essential Oil and shared about the creamy tangerine massage oil recipe!

  227. Repinned tea tree oil

  228. Pinned!

  229. I’ve never used tea tree oil but have read so many different ideas for using it.

  230. Shared lemon eucalyptus on fb

  231. repinned lavender oil

  232. Would love to win! I’ve been wanting to start using essential oils in my cleaning!

  233. Heather Barrios

    Want want want want want this!

  234. Love all, but haven’t tried lavender yet.

  235. Wanda Strickland

    Hopefully to make my home a more healthy and productive place!

  236. Would love this! Need to try J&M!

  237. My favorite essential oil in this bunch is Lavender. I have never tried Tangerine and Lemon Eucalyptus.

  238. Ive only tried tea tee and peppermint. I would love to try lemon eucalyptus

  239. Pinned peppermint, too, on Pinterest:

  240. Would LOVE this set! Such useful oils…I use some of them everyday!!

  241. I pinned the peppermint oil. Thanks!

  242. Tea tree is my favorite! It has so many uses!

  243. I would love to win this!

  244. Nikki Maxwell

    Just moved into our new house and we need some natural EO smells ASAP. Right now it smells a bit like musty house.

  245. Love Essential Oils ! ! !

  246. Would love to see what Lemon Eucalyptus has to offer.

  247. Shannon Dobda

    I’m so excited about these new oils! We love lavender because it’s so calming and great for headaches!

  248. Lavender was my mother’s favorite. She is no longer on this earth but I carry her in my heart and think of her whenever I smell lavender.

  249. Moona Cancino

    I love essential oils! They make all of my baths super awesome.

  250. I would love to win this because I’ve heard so many great things about essential oils and would love to try them out!

  251. This year I have been looking for healthy and DIY projects to keep our family healthy! We would love to win and be able to continue keeping up becoming healthier and better at using organic and natural solutions! These oils would be a great place to start!

  252. Love essential oils! Peppermint is my favorite!

  253. Who doesn’t love essential oils? Well, even if they don’t, I do!

  254. I have a cold & know these Essential Oils will aid in my healing. :)

  255. I was introduced to essential oils a year ago by a friend who gave me some peppermint oil when I had a headache. She told me to rub it on my temples and it worked. I have since used lavendar, peppermint and lemon for a plethora of things.

  256. I love the seemingly unlimited uses for EOs. Would love to win. :)

  257. Stephanie Saunders

    I would be grateful to win these Essential Oils because they are so valuable.

  258. I use essential oils daily!!! Would most definitely put them to use

  259. Shared on FB

  260. Stephanie Saunders

    I would use the lavender in laundry and baths; the tea tree oil for laundry and in salves; the peppermint in play doh and on and on!

  261. Brooke Creech

    These essentials would certainly come in handy for the Master Herbalist course!

  262. I have just begun my journey with essential oils. I LOVE all of the scents you are offering.

  263. I want to win these essential oils so I can incorporate then into my everyday life. Add some drops to my vinegar cleaner, add a few into my toothpaste mix and maybe some drops could be threw inside my toilet paper roll for aroma in the bathroom. I could make my own hand sanitizer with some of these!! Ooooo!! Oooo!! I could use them to make air fresner too!!

  264. Love using oils!

  265. There are so many things I would like to do with essential oils. I have a few but a variety would be wonderful. I love to make home made cleaners, personal care products, bath products etc. Essential oils are perfect for home made goodies….and healthier too! :-)

  266. I love essential oils. I use them n soap and those are some of my favorites!

  267. I use aromatherapy as a nurse. I love essential oils, They are an amazing way to head off a migraine or relax during labor. There are so many uses for these products! The oils in this package are a gateway to learn the many facets of aromatherapy. (They make wonderful massages even better!)

  268. Christy Sattler

    EOs are the bomb for the home and for our personal health. Right now loving lavender but have used all but lemon eucalyptus, which sounds lovely.

  269. I’ve been using lavendar for years for my headaches and neck pain. I ran out and I NEED some more. I’m also running low on eucalyptus. We use it in our vaporizer when we’re sick and the stuff is AHMAZING. It’s the only way we make it through our colds.

  270. Some of those we use in our home on a regular basis. Would love to have some others added to our collection of oils! Great for the winter months in when the cold season is upon us!

  271. I have heard about the health benefits of essential oils, but have never tried them. I would love to win so I can try them!

  272. Mary Mitchell

    I would love to win this as well! I am also coming up on the aromatherapy section in my Master Herbalist Course and it is sure to come in handy!

  273. I would love to try essential oils.

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